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  • 怎样最好的利用课本六年级英语作文2020-09-132130


    Though you have been studying in school for more than ten years,you may sometimes be at a loss how to make the most out of your textbooks.Some of you may even go so far as to think that your textbooks are of no use at all,which is completely wrong. the following are some tips you can follow:

    First,you should make a preliminary survey of each textbook to get a general idea of what the book contains.Second, you should read for deeper understanding and formulate questions as you read. next,you should make note of the major points of each lesson or chapter. after that,you should test yourself to be sure that you can answer questions likely to be raised in classes and on examinations.Finally,you should review your notes and reread any part of the book that is unclear to you.

    If you have been reading your textbook as suggested,you are doing it the right way. if you have not been doing so,it is wise that you try these tips and see what happens.Chances are that you will find them very effective.

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